Pirate Costumes

Pirate clothing was probably not like the fashion created by Hollywood stylists and artists, but all of these detailed characteristics make pirates mysterious and entertaining. Although our ideas about what pirates looked like may be distorted, pirate costumes with their elaborate hats and bold accessories are a popular choice for all ages. A basic pirate costume consists of cotton cropped pants, a blouse-like ruffled shirt, a belt, a vest and boots. The pirate costume headdress is a large brimmed hat folded up on three sides or a bandana tied around the head.

Piracy has a rich history. Men sailed the seas as pirates hunting for gold, silver and other treasures. A pirate is defined as a robber who steals from other ships out at sea. Buccaneers were a group of pirates from Holland, England and France who shacked up with the Indians and adopted a unique weapon called a “boucan”. The pirates used the boucan knife as their” weapon of choice” while sailing the Caribbean Sea. These “Pirates of the Caribbean” were given the name buccaneer because of the boucan knives.
Captain Jack Sparrow who was made famous by Johnny Depp in blockbuster movie “Pirates of Caribbean” is a classic example of a buccaneer pirate. The buccaneer costume that transforms a young lad into the dashing, adventurous Captain Jack Sparrow is one the best selling pirate costumes to date. This costume includes a shirt front with sleeves and attached vest, 2 attached belts with buckles, brown cropped pants and a bandana with attached braids and beads. Other accessories for the buccaneer costume including a hat, boot tops and sword are sold separately.

Captain Hook the infamous pirate villain from Disney’s story of Peter Pan is another pirate who sports outstanding pirate attire. The Captain Hook pirate costume is a common choice among young men and boys. Whether you are playing a famous pirate or just sporting a basic buccaneer costume this “bad boy” type character is fun to impersonate at any age.